A little story




Growing with my daughter on a girls night out…..

I’ve been struggling a bit where to start my storytelling so when my 12-year-old came to me at the kickoff of spring break and asked me if I would want to go see a movie with her I heard an overpowering squeal of mind brakes…..”Really?!!, you want to see a movie with just me!!”, “Yes”, she replied. So we set off on our adventure.

Originally we had agreed to see The Greatest Showman which I thought would be spectacular because the preview seemed very inspirational however for some reason my brain blanked out and at the ticket booth I requested A Wrinkle in Time. We walked away from the ticket booth and to my surprise, I was poked by my easily embarrassed bashful 12 year old who grimaced at me and quietly told me how embarrassing I was to have asked for the wrong movie. immediately I said “Oh I can’t believe I made that mistake, no worries love  I’ll exchange them”, “NO” she demanded in a whisper, “you can’t do that”! “OMG, mom you are so embarrassing!, don’t even worry about it, I kinda wanted to see that movie too so it’s no big deal let’s go get dessert!” Her attitude was bold and I was moved to explain to her that it’s not a big deal to make a mistake like that and the appropriate thing to do was simply exchange the ticket. She wasn’t loving the lecture and actually placed 3 feet of space between us. I had to giggle at the situation because I wasn’t given the luxuries of these experiences with my mother and to see her in this light was beautiful. We got dessert which of course I didn’t order in the proper way for my daughter and was showing WAY more enthusiasm about our girls night out then she preferred. It was almost like she wanted me to be seen but not heard and every moment of it was blissful to me. Why? well because I wasn’t granted the understanding by my mother at 12 to exercise my feelings and let’s face it between general social anxiety and peer pressure at 12 years old it’s pretty normal to be embarrassed by your parents. If I exhibited this behavior at 12 years old it was taken FAR to seriously and I was made to feel like something was wrong with me. It embedded an insecurity within my spirit that I struggled with for many years trying to find out what kind of person I wanted to be and not to mention being a very empathetic child I could feel the emotions of the people around me which made it heavy.

Moving on to the movie…it was absolutely the best most appropriate series of events to experience at this time in my life and WITH my DAUGHTER. It was a story of inspiration, teen peer pressure, lightworker scientists as parents and the unbelievable power of intention, love and the ability to own the power inside you to create everything you desire in your life experience. There was a moment at the beginning where the character played by Reese Witherspoon was presenting herself and how she was there to help. I laughed grabbed my daughters arm and asked if the character reminded her of me. I have to say the fantasy world that was presented with healing flowers and speaking in colors is actually where I let my mind go in meditation at times. I mean THAT IS the reality Id love to embrace but in this human experience, I guess it’s not widely accepted, YET that is!

There was a point in the movie when it was explained that the series of events in history had unfolded like it had to come down to the ultimate creation of “YOU” as you are right here and now that was so powerful I was moved to look at my Macy and say “My goodness, this story is about YOU!!”

Another point in the movie was when Oprah Winfrey’s character was explaining the darkness in the world and how it grows with one little negative word, insult, put down at a time. I held my daughter’s hand and cried. I cried for the times it had been done to me as a child. I cried for the times I had mistakenly used it to correct my children. I cried for the times I witnessed other parents using it out of frustration in public because we’re judged poorly for doing nothing to reprimand our children and doing something often causes a wave of other misperception. I cried because EVERY WORD her character spoke to emphasize the spreading of darkness touched my soul and every word she said was true. not just for the movie but for humanity. Displayed in such a way that even children could absorb the reality. She gave such an incredible explanation of the energy of our words and tone and how it sends out a spread of pain and insecurity into this beautiful God-given experience we are so blessed to have. As I gripped my daughter’s hand and cried like a baby in that theater she didn’t pull away. My easily embarrassed ever scolding preteen daughter went from throwing popcorn at my face to holding my hand in between hers and smiling with an abundance of love, understanding, and appreciation on her face and it was captivating.

Remember now this was the movie we weren’t supposed to see! but look at how the creative life force energy directed me and my daughter into an opportunity of perfect synchronicity and awareness! At that moment my daughter and I hit a growth spurt TOGETHER all because I allowed myself to indulge in the present moment and it was priceless. I swear I had a vision of holding Oprah’s glitter-filled hand in her fantastic glitter filled ensemble and I was on my knees thanking her for sharing this amazing perspective with the world through this movie. As we left that movie theater I watched my daughter as she comfortably rambled on about her Alexander Hamilton obsession which she seems to do often when she’s in her place of spiritual acceptance and all I could do was smile at this beautiful beam of light that was shining from her face as she spoke… I’m falling in love with my life and it’s indescribable. I’m on a mission to spread this feeling… I hope you’ll follow me with a strong sense of patience and maybe you’ll find ways to fall in love with yours. Thank you so much for taking the time to read….

Not fairies and butterflies?..

Alright alright…”Sigh”…So Ive learned this recently. Life actually isnt “fairies and butterflies” …

The thing about sharing your life story with a transparent personality is your story usually doesnt just involve you. Especially when your married with children. When things turn south, and they will at some point, by devine design of “learning lessons” in life the whole story not only affects your family but all those who follow you…

..and the thing people dont see especially when your tending to little people are the moments where understandings occur and human growth and emotions evolve but before you can jot it down on a notepad or reach your nearest electronic hoping you recall your password to whatever account you wish to share it with, the emotions change, something else occurs and your whisked away into life forgetting all about that PROFOUND moment of “self discovery” or holy spirit insight…

…And nevermind if your Go-To sharing source is social media where profiles get attacked and hacked everyday revoking your “Online personality” into a forgotten black abyss never to be heard from or seen again.. Needless to say I’ve learned ALOT of lessons this year. Many of these lessons were small but some were really very big and some were extremely painful.

I’m happy to say I’m overcoming challenges and the one very beautiful thing I’ve learned is how very much I’m loved by God…

I’ll share more of course, time permitting but right now I’m on potty trainer duty so this is where I leave off my “checking in” status… Merry Christmas to all💗….


The return..

So I’ve gotten WAY off track since the birth of my third child in Dec. 2015. After its all been said and done I’ve been led back to my roots as a healer in massage therapy. I’ve had all these big ideas, dreams, goals that just kept me seeking in circles and the truth is after 14 years in massage therapy it truly is where I belong. It’s where I was placed in this experience and the holy spirit wants me there. Not just to heal others but to continue healing myself. There are so many facets to being a therapist that people don’t consider. The transfer of energy between client and practitioner is such an incredible gift and beyond that the healing that comes from the essential oils in the air is immeasurable and often taken for granted. While there’s so much I can say about this profession I’ve decided to share in baby steps because I can’t possibly place an emphasis on the spiritual nature of it and juggle my children at the same time. I’m in the process of getting my license “back to life” earning my continuing education and letting God lead the way and it feels like I’m heading back “home”.. Such a good feeling🙏💛


I mean when there’s just so much to say..where do you start?

-First of all if you don’t want a divorce stop acting like you do. It is not okay ever to make threats that you are leaving the marriage or create ultimatums out of an impulse toddler temper tantrum. You’re an adult grow up and act like one.
– it is imperative for both parties in a relationship to make a genuine attempt to learn effective communication skills. There are millions of books on this topic that you don’t even need to buy because there are millions of articles right on the cell phone that you’re staring at that you can gain Insight from on this topic.
– ladies stop being so dramatic. I’m an expert in this area if you keep reacting like a drama queen when he throws tantrums you’re giving him exactly what he wants which is attention and the cycle will grow like a wildfire.
– gentleman if you think you’re going to get the dream marriage you want by making that paycheck and utilizing your free time drinking beer and engaging in kids sports you are mistaken. Trust me the effort you put into your children although deeply appreciated is not the Foundation of your relationship with your wife. Engaging in your children is extremely important but engaging in loving your home and handling the tough stuff is going to give your wife a profound sense of peace and contentment which in turn allows her to give you more of her attention.
– gentleman if you’re lucky enough to have a wife that is a good woman she likely is tending to things around the house on a regular basis. Many of these things your wife wishes she didn’t have to do but nonetheless they must be done. Particularly if you have children. Take the initiative to help out with these duties alongside her. Sitting on the couch watching YouTube with your children does not constitute helping out your wife. Take ownership in your position as a husband because the visual you create in doing this teaches your son’s to go above and beyond and teaches your daughters the level of care and respect they should expect in their partners you’re going to have to deal with much sooner than you realize. Straighten up your collars and stop being lazy. There’s tiny people watching you and the ripple effect on Generations proceeding your grandkids will break a cycle of hardships and hurt that will be deeply appreciated.
– ladies stop putting your girlfriend’s first. These women will likely not be the ones toting you to your doctor appointments when your 75 years old. Your friendships will not be the basis of your children learning how to incorporate Family Values nor will they be the pictured image for your children upholding family traditions like Thanksgiving dinners or who stands by them when they graduate from high school. If your blessed to have a husband it will be him in their memories. Take ownership in your role as a mother and wife so your sons don’t end up throwing tantrums for their wives attention believing this is normal. And so your daughters don’t end up single mothers dropping the grandkids off to go play with their girlfriends. There is a much bigger picture here and it’s about breaking a cycle.
– ladies and gentlemen husbands and wives listen carefully these principles are not old fashioned they are biblical and it is a standard for today’s Behavior in a book of life written many many years ago that still stands today. There is no other way to enjoy having a family and creating a Happy Village without this book. It cannot be done without God. Don’t fool yourself into believing it can be. The standards were set for reasons beyond our understanding. Perfection is a ridiculous standard however boundaries placed on standards for your family are important. Remember the little ones are watching, what are they seeing?
– gentleman if you have a good woman putting in all that she has into her family and her home and you do not show appreciation gratitude praise or you choose not to assist with the tough stuff at some point mark my words she will put her girlfriends first. And it’s going to be a long drawn-out mess to get things back in order and believe me there is more pain in this experience then I care to elaborate but it will happen. You cannot skate by treating your wife like she’s your mother and expect her to do everything for you and your children without nurturing her and expect it to uphold. There are way too many Temptations this day in age and girlfriends often encourage your wife to leave you. If you adhere nothing else I’m telling you please please for the love of God mark my words on this. Live up to the standard of man you hope your daughters were married. Just go above and beyond. Be the man that any woman would want to have as a husband and your wife who is graciously putting you first right now will continue to do so. Girlfriends will never be a problem if you nurture your wife and this of course comes in a few respects.
– gentleman regardless of popular belief it is not okay to look I don’t care what they tell you. Your wife would much rather you be playing a video game then looking at other women. it’s unkind. It’s not okay or to be considered Human Nature. For the love of God Rise Above This crap. Imagine what your daughters will go through if you do not set the standard under your household roof. Apply your attention and efforts into the woman God has provided for you. Transformations take time but the book says patience is virtue and God helps those who help themselves so your efforts will be rewarded. And if nothing else you will have a better self value because you are believing in your wife and the Union that was brought together under God. Health matters are to be considered but there is nothing your wife’s body cannot provide that all these other women can. Control your attention gentleman mind your manners and be thankful you have that woman beside you as a wife…

There..I’ve said it..