The return..

So I’ve gotten WAY off track since the birth of my third child in Dec. 2015. After its all been said and done I’ve been led back to my roots as a healer in massage therapy. I’ve had all these big ideas, dreams, goals that just kept me seeking in circles and the truth is after 14 years in massage therapy it truly is where I belong. It’s where I was placed in this experience and the holy spirit wants me there. Not just to heal others but to continue healing myself. There are so many facets to being a therapist that people don’t consider. The transfer of energy between client and practitioner is such an incredible gift and beyond that the healing that comes from the essential oils in the air is immeasurable and often taken for granted. While there’s so much I can say about this profession I’ve decided to share in baby steps because I can’t possibly place an emphasis on the spiritual nature of it and juggle my children at the same time. I’m in the process of getting my license “back to life” earning my continuing education and letting God lead the way and it feels like I’m heading back “home”.. Such a good feeling🙏💛


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