Not fairies and butterflies?..

Alright alright…”Sigh”…So Ive learned this recently. Life actually isnt “fairies and butterflies” …

The thing about sharing your life story with a transparent personality is your story usually doesnt just involve you. Especially when your married with children. When things turn south, and they will at some point, by devine design of “learning lessons” in life the whole story not only affects your family but all those who follow you…

..and the thing people dont see especially when your tending to little people are the moments where understandings occur and human growth and emotions evolve but before you can jot it down on a notepad or reach your nearest electronic hoping you recall your password to whatever account you wish to share it with, the emotions change, something else occurs and your whisked away into life forgetting all about that PROFOUND moment of “self discovery” or holy spirit insight…

…And nevermind if your Go-To sharing source is social media where profiles get attacked and hacked everyday revoking your “Online personality” into a forgotten black abyss never to be heard from or seen again.. Needless to say I’ve learned ALOT of lessons this year. Many of these lessons were small but some were really very big and some were extremely painful.

I’m happy to say I’m overcoming challenges and the one very beautiful thing I’ve learned is how very much I’m loved by God…

I’ll share more of course, time permitting but right now I’m on potty trainer duty so this is where I leave off my “checking in” status… Merry Christmas to all💗….


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