I KNOW THIS: if we are ever going to become what God intended us to be we must get out of the way of our own ideas. We have to become open enough to quiet our minds of everything that our ears and eyes have absorbed that does not resonate with his purpose for you. “Seek and you shall find” does not mean you are not entitled to your desires in the type of life you want to live. What this means is…who’s guidance will you seek to keep you from screwing it all up after your mind has been unintentionally flooded with the ways of this world?…music, opinions, television shows, Facebook groups, medication, friendships…MOST of these things are commonly used to ENHANCE our quality of life so ask yourself “what is the quality of your exposure?” and “who is in charge of your selection?”…💛

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It’s all right..

Makes very little sense that I would be too depressed to go to church. Also makes very little sense that I would be almost embarrassed to admit that I’m depressed at all but unfortunately it’s very common. The good news is I have enough strength to pick up the weight hand it over to Jesus and load up the family because I know that when I leave there I will have more fuel to keep going in that direction that God has appointed for my family. I’m thankful for my many blessings in life even though things are moving just a moment at a time. I’ll be patient and wait on his timing in Jesus name..AMEN